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Gabrielle Richardson
26 March 2024 | Gabrielle Richardson

Introducing the Trahere

These limited release wines are inspired by our high density vineyards in Main Ridge, the culmination of years of planning, hard work and passion. It is the beginning of an exciting new journey...

Latin verb: to draw or pull.

Derivatives: tract (a tract of land), tractor (a vehicle that pulls), protract (to draw forward), traction (to make progress), and contract (to bring together).

This limited release wine is a culmination of these elements; the land we work and care for, our drive to make progress and pull forward, our passion to learn and to bring people together to produce the best wines possible, from this Bunurong land. The Trahere Chardonnay and Trahere Pinot Noir are the ultimate expression of our beautiful vineyards, the vintage and ourselves.

Discover more about the Trahere here


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