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“This is a regional restaurant with rare attention to detail in a lovely location. Just the place, in fact, for a vineyard restaurant.”



Our passion is great wine and great food. Since we first opened our restaurant doors in 2006, our goal has been to try to bring together all the elements necessary to create a memorable experience for our guests. A celebration of the incredible produce from the Mornington Peninsula, the knowledge, skill and attentive service of our chefs, waiting staff and sommeliers, a wine list that provides endless opportunities for discovery, that has been judged Australia’s best, the relaxed ambience and views over our vineyard and the rolling hills of Main Ridge.

Chef Adam Sanderson’s innovative menu is driven by the fresh regional produce from our local growers and farm gates, our kitchen garden and foraged items from the forests, rolling hills and expansive coastlines that surround us. The menu is continually changing and draws on Adam’s experience working in some of the best restaurants in the world, including; The Fat Duck (Brae, UK), Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark). Adam’s dishes are progressive Australian and draw inspiration from a wide range of traditions and cooking techniques.

Our restaurant team set high standards of service – polished, but in a relaxed and friendly manner.

At the moment, we are pleased to offer guests a five course ($165 per person) and eight course tasting menu ($240 per person).

Our wine list, curated by Head Sommelier Xavier Vigier, provides an opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of wines produced on the Mornington Peninsula and cool climate regions, like ours, from around Australia and the world. The list is focused on the key varietals grown in these regions, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris and others, selected from wineries like ours.

These are wines that inspire us, that tell a story of place, people and time. This offers opportunities to compare a variety from different wine regions, winemakers and vintages, with the information, maps and assistance from our expert sommeliers to guide your choices and help provide another dimension to your dining experience.

The Long Wine List, the creation of owner, winemaker and passionate wine historian Martin Spedding and Head Sommelier Xavier Vigier, contains over 500 wines. Our Short Wine List provides a selection of over 20 wines by the glass, a wide curated range of gins, spirits and drinks for before and after.

We look forward to welcoming you to our place.

What people say.. reviews and accolades

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Monday: CLOSED
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Thursday: Lunch: 11.45am - 4pm
Friday: Lunch: 11.45am - 4pm
Dinner: from 6.30pm
Saturday: Lunch: 12 noon - 4pm
Dinner: from 6.30pm
Sunday: Lunch: 11.45am - 4pm

Please note a 10% surcharge applies on Sundays & a 15% surcharge applies on Public Holidays 
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+61 3 5989 6455

1333 Mornington Flinders Road
Main Ridge, Victoria 3928 Australia



Current Menus

“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.”.




Our menus are seasonal and change through spring, summer, autumn and winter with an emphasis on fresh produce, sourced locally whenever possible. We have our own gardens of heirloom vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Chef Adam Sanderson also has his own foraging spots on the Peninsula where he harvests water cress, samphire, salt bush and more. In addition, we support several local producers of organic heirloom fruit and vegetables who work with us to ensure we have a good supply of the produce we require.

Adam’s pièce de résistance is his Tasting Menu. This provides guests with the opportunity to sample a wide cross section of local flavours and textures, which subtly complement each other. At the moment, we are pleased to offer guests a five and eight course tasting menu as well as a vegetarian menu.

Our menus can also be enjoyed with a selection of wines matched by our Head Sommelier Xavier Vigier to further enhance your dining experience. Wine pairings include a 'Discovery' pairing from $105 per person and a 'Fine and Rare' pairing from $240 per person.


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Wine List


Our Wine List has a particular focus on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir the two flagship varieties of Ten Minutes by Tractor and our region. Together with other varieties that flourish in cooler climates ideal for slow ripening conditions we provide our guest with an opportunity to explore and celebrate the many different styles and expressions of wine from the around the world.

The wines offered on our list are wines that hopefully will teach us something about a variety, a region, a vineyard, the winemaking and the people who have contributed to producing them. The vineyards, the passion and the seasons all come together to offer us something very special to enjoy and to match with the multitude of flavours on our menu.

We are pleased to offer guests four wine pairing options curated by Head Sommelier Xavier Vigier. These  pairings feature producers that inspire us from around the world and are perfectly matched to our seasonal menu.

“Simply an exceptional list. If the joys of Mornington Peninsula are not enough, don’t miss this. Old wines, great wines, local wines, rare wines, exciting flights, and good-value drops as well. Not surprisingly, pinot and chardonnay from here and abroad, feature strongly.”






Our Suppliers


“It’s important, and our responsibility, to understand where our produce comes from and how it is produced – its provenance – making it essential that as much as possible of what we use is sourced locally from producers with whom we have a close relationship.”






Established in 1989 by Con Andronis and George Kaparos, two of Melbourne’s finest fishmongers. In 2005 they amalgamated with the Jurie family who had been involved in seafood for over 50 years. Produce is sourced from wholesale markets, direct through ports and fishermen and from aquaculture farms across Australia. In 2006 Con Andronis was awarded Melbourne Food & Wine Legend status


Situated on Main Creek road in Main Ridge this one hectare plot has been farmed by Mary since 2005 and grows seasonal produce such as tomatoes, berries and pears.


Started in the late nineties by farmer John Chapman and purchased in 2010 by father and son David and James Madden. Wallabies on Flinders Island enjoy  being at the top of the food chain with no predators,  and lush bountiful pastures to feed from which results in a unique tasting meat that is unlike any other in Australia. They are found in large numbers on the island and their gathering is restricted on a quota basis and managed with a wholly sustainable outlook.


The Flinders Aquaculture Fisheries Reserve is over 400 ha in area and runs about 0.3km offshore between Flinders and Shoreham at depths of 7-11m. It was established in 1985 with longline culture of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) the predominant activity. The blue mussel is a filter feeding bivalve shellfish widely distributed throughout southern Australia and is renowned for its tender flesh and delicious flavour. Michael “Harry” Harris has been working his mussel leases here for years.


Owned and operated by Jerome and Annabelle Hoban. Jerome is a chef and in 2008 they decided to trade-in their hatted Albert Park restaurant, L’Oustal, for a farm in Cardinia, an hour SE of Melbourne. In addition to sourcing some of the best meat from around the country, on their own farm they produce Wessex Saddleback pigs and game birds – pheasant, partridge and guinea fowl.


Greg and Jodi Clarke farm free-range Aylesbury ducks on their 16-hectare property overlooking Port Campbell, near the Twelve Apostles and Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. They began with 30 ducklings and no idea about what they were doing in 2009. The couple chose the Aylesbury for its historical connections, it is the classic English table duck


Owned and operated by Jen and Tim Smart, residents of Red Hill for almost twenty years. Their eclectic range encompasses the highest quality exotic, unusual and ‘heritage’ edible plants, including Jerusalem artichoke, rhubarb, crosnes and quail eggs.


Damien Noxon grew up spending weekends with his grandparents in Main Ridge and then on his parents own property; his wife Bess grew up on a local vegetable farm. They milk 180 goats on their 50 hectare farm and their ‘girls’ are all named and well cared for, having a fresh paddock twice a day (after every milking) and are always free range.


Twenty hectares of rich red soil and lush green pastures nestled in the hills near Trentham in central Victoria. They only grow ‘slow food’ which means their chickens, sheep and cattle are slow growing, old-style varieties that are allowed to reach full maturity before being prepared for the table. They grow a very special breed of chicken called Sommerlad, which is reminiscent of the famous Bresse and Label Rouge chickens from France. This is a unique, slow growing breed, with a rich flavour and texture. The birds thrive in small batches, roaming freely in our forest and grazing on a diet of wild grubs, seeds, grits, and organic feed.


Raelene and Neville Mock’s organic orchard has a dozen apple varieties, cherries, pears and citrus. It is a fourth generation family business established more than 100 years ago by Neville’s great, great grandfather in East Burwood. With the urban expansion of Melbourne the farm was moved to Red Hill in 1960. Mock Orchards has been using biodynamic farming methods since 1974.


Mossy Willow is a farm and calming retreat with purpose. They aim to connect the community to the Earth through regenerative farming, education and delicious produce from their market garden. Michael Densham and Keren Tsaushu are passionate organic producers of a wide range of beautiful produce.


After growing via a farm gate for two years Mushroom Forestry was launched in July 2018 to focus efforts solely on growing the highest quality, organic fresh mushrooms that are grown seasonally. The farm is built within a cool store that manages temperatures naturally and fluctuates through the year, as temperatures change through the seasons different mushroom varieties grow in line with their ideal growing temperatures.


The O’Connor family has been supplying beef for three generations. Their premium beef is sourced from selected British bred cattle, including Black Angus and Hereford, raised in Victoria’s prime beef producing Gippsland region where they graze free-range on natural pastures with a mix of clover for minerals and rye grass for protein and vitamins. Guaranteed hormone, antibiotic and GMO free.


The original property was purchased by Pietro and Rosa Gallace in 1964 as an apple and cherry orchard; son Mick started growing strawberries in the late 1960s. “I liken it to raising children – they are all different and have their own personalities. Whilst the colour, shape and size of the berries are obviously important, the key to everything I do is taste.”


Executive Chef Adam Sanderson


Our Journey


“The restaurant is just an extension of the cellar door. It’s an opportunity to learn more about our wines and how those wines can be enjoyed with great food. It’s also an opportunity for us to bring the produce of the region together into an environment in which everyone can relax, and enjoy, and to understand what makes the Mornington Peninsula as special as it is.”




The first Ten Minutes by Tractor cellar door opened in 2002 on the McCutcheon Vineyard in an old tin shed that previously served as horses stables with views stretching across our Pinot Noir Lake Block, up to our neighbouring strawberry farm.
With a café licence for up to 15 people, we offered visitors a modest blackboard lunch menu, charcuterie platters, good coffee and a stoked pot belly fire during winter. It provided an opportunity to be immersed in the McCutcheon vineyard landscape, drink our wines with some homely food.



In the early years, there were many wonderful weekend events organised, various musical and operatic performances by various performers, including friends and family of the owners. These were the first efforts to make to a visit to Ten Minutes by Tractor a relaxing and memorable experience.


2003 – Jazz band at the Cellar Door

2004 – Martin Spedding & Andrew McCutcheon outside the cellar door


A new home and opening of our restaurant… In 2004, we started searching for a new permanent home for the Ten Minutes by Tractor (we only leased the old McCutcheon vineyard shed at the time). During the Winter Wine Weekend in June 2004, a good friend, Patrick Crooks, who had been helping out in our cellar door noticed that a local bar and café on the neighbouring Mornington Flinders Road, was for sale. It had been the original cottage and apple cool sheds for the Prosser Apple Orchard. It still had most of its original character but needed a lot of work! It was in a perfect fit for what we had been looking for.

Over the next 2 years after navigating an arduous local planning process to move our cellar door and complete our renovations, we opened our doors on Boxing Day, 2006. Our ideas on the restaurant, including the format and style of the menu, quickly evolved and we searched widely to build a strong restaurant team that shared the vision of our owner, Martin Spedding and our General Manager, Chris Hamilton, to create something special.

In late 2007, Stuart Bell and Clayton Hiskins joined the restaurant team. Stuart Bell’s journey had taken him through several of Australia’s leading restaurants – Paul Bocuse, Jacques Reymond, Langtons, The Loose Box – under the direction of some of Australia’s best chefs – Jacques Reymond, Philippe Mouchel and Alain Fabrègues. Clayton’s journey started with studying hospitality in Brisbane and experience working for the Hayman Island Resort, a luxury cruise line and two restaurants with chef Tony Sassi, in Port Douglas.

The combination of skills, experience and the shared vision of our restaurant team has continued to build and strengthen over the years. Our team’s determination to provide a memorable winery restaurant experience, where food and wine share equal billing and guests are offered extended opportunities to learn and experience more about the wines and varieties we produce, how they work with wonderful food and the extraordinary produce of our region, is still what drives us today.

In 2013 Jacques Savary de Beauregard joined the Ten Minutes by Tractor team as restaurant manager and head sommelier.

In 2017, Adam Sanderson, formerly of The Fat Duck and Noma, became Ten Minutes by Tractor’s Head Chef and brought to our restaurant team a fresh set of experiences. Adam has spent the last 10 years working at some of the world’s best restaurants in the UK and Europe including; Rhodes Twenty Four in London under chef Gary Rhodes, almost three years at The Fat Duck under Heston Blumenthal, Noma under René Redzepi and for Paul Cunningham at The Paul in Copenhagen. In Australia Adam worked at hatted restaurants with Andrew McConnell at Cutler & Co, and at Bistro Guillaume.

We are proud of the accolades and recognition of our efforts that quickly followed our opening in 2007. This includes; Gourmet Travellers Australian Wine List of the Year (2008), 1 Star Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide (2009), Gourmet Traveller Top 10 Regional Restaurants (2010), Good Food Guide Best Short Wine List (2010), 1 Hat Good Food Guide (2011), 2 Stars Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide (2013), 2 Hats Good Food Guide (2013), Gourmet Traveller Wine List of the Year 3 Glasses (very Highly Recommended) 2008-2017 and World of Fine Wine – Best Designed Wine List Australasia and Jury Prize (2017)


After a significant fire forced owners Martin and Karen Spedding to close their beloved venue in February 2018, the restaurant was reopened in November 2019.

Driven by their unequivocal passion for premium food and wine, and a determination to take the offering to a whole new level, Martin, Karen and the TMBT team are excited to open with their most extensive experience to date, including a re-imagined restaurant space created within, what was the original apple orchard cottage for the property. The rebuilt restaurant building features a chef’s table, private dining room, and outdoor terrace, plus a new cellar door and gallery.

Executive Chef Adam Sanderson will be leading the charge in the kitchen and will bring a fresh approach to our tasting menus, drawing inspiration from the concept of terroir, of place, and the amazing produce that is grown and found on the Mornington Peninsula.


Our restaurant journey started over 13 years ago, from very humble beginnings. We have been very fortunate to bring together a group of talented people from across the world, who share our passion and love of what we do, to bring great wine and food together in a way that provides a memorable experience for our guests and the greatest satisfaction to ourselves, to know, that we have done it well. We look forward to you joining us and being part of our continuing journey.


Our Philosophy..

We are guided by a philosophy which informs all we do…

  • We strive to provide the true meaning of hospitality; “the friendly and generous reception of guests or strangers” (Oxford Dictionary)

  • Quality and attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Our menus reflect the seasons, our region and sustainability in our menus and use our own produce, whenever possible.

  • The ingredients, flavours and textures we present complement rather than jostle and are created to sing with wine.

  • We blend the innovative with the traditional in cooking styles and techniques; keeping abreast of current trends but not losing sight of the classical roots of cooking.

  • We are mindful of health and nutrition as well as culinary pleasure.

  • We aim to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with Ten Minutes by Tractor leaves having learned or experienced something new.