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Martin Spedding
23 April 2024 | Martin Spedding

2024 Vintage Update

The 2024 vintage commenced in Spring, with favourable weather conditions; persistent cloud cover moderated evening temperatures, leading up to an early bud burst.


However, late November and December presented significant challenges, with heavy rainfall, reaching up to 70mm, during the critical two-week flowering period. Vineyards ‘up the hill’ suffered significant yield losses due to these compounding pressures. However, ‘down the hill’, which had completed flowering earlier, managed to maintain relatively good yields.

Following the challenging weather conditions from late November to early January, we enjoyed a long stretch of wonderful Summer weather, commencing at veraison. This prolonged warm and dry spell accelerated ripening and compressed the vintage. It also contributed to great colour, intensity, and flavour profiles to the resulting wines.

The early verdict is that the Chardonnays are exceptional and the Pinot Noir’s have a delightful generosity of fruit and layers of complexity. We will provide further updates over the year and look forward to sharing these wines with you on release.


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