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The Australian Ark | 3 Volumes | Hardback

The Australian Ark | 3 Volumes | Hardback

The Australian Ark | 3 Volumes | Hardback

Taking into account social and political history, The Australian Ark highlights the imagination, strength, and foresight of Australia’s fine wine pioneers as they built an industry that became a centre of influence and power over more than two centuries.

Also included in the work is a Canon of Australian Wine and the fascinating stories behind these labels is intertwined through the narrative. This is not a definitive list of the country’s most important wines and vineyards, but it reveals the overall pattern of development of fine Australian wine and will hopefully spark passionate debate long into the future.

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Vineyards :: Clones
Harvest date :: Yield
Brix :: pH :: TA
Aging :: Oak
Residual sugar
Finished pH :: TA
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