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Ten Minutes by Tractor



Ten Minutes by Tractor is the convergence of wine journeys that began almost 40 years ago, a group of individuals and vineyards that fortuitously came together over time to create the winery that exists today.

Our winery started in 1997 with three family owned vineyards in Main Ridge, all ten minutes by tractor apart. Since then we have added new vineyards, but all have their own unique character with different aspects, slopes, soils, altitude and winds which flow through the valleys up from Bass Strait.

Cool places. Beautiful places. Places that are defined by the wines we make and which can seem like worlds apart.

We invite you to share in our journey, to enjoy the wines and food we produce from the very special places, where we live and work, on the Mornington Peninsula and to visit our cellar door and restaurant.



Join Owner Martin Spedding & Winemaker Imogen Dillon, as they discuss the differences between what we refer to here on the Peninsula as 'Up the Hill' and 'Down the Hill'.


Up the Hill - Main Ridge

Home to the McCutcheon, Wallis, Judd, Spedding and Gabrielle Vineyards

Main Ridge is the higher, cooler, southern portion of the Mornington Peninsula. From the east west running Main Ridge (from Arthurs Seat to Red Hill), the ridges and valleys flow from north to south down to Bass Strait producing diverse pockets of terroir. Red volcanic clay soils and higher rainfall than ‘down the hill’, this area provides a mosaic of unique microclimates and vineyard sites.

Down the Hill - Tuerong

Home to the Coolart Road Vineyard

The Coolart Road vineyard is our lowest, warmest and driest vineyard with a maximum elevation of 72m. The soils here are very different to the red ferrosols common to the Main Ridge sub-region. Soils in the lower northern part of the Peninsula are largely sedimentary from the Tertiary period and the dominant soil types are brown and yellow chromosols.