Red Spice Road X Ten Minutes by Tractor

Ten Minutes by Tractor is partnering with Red Spice Road for an exquisite dining experience. Sit back and enjoy a bespoke menu, with stunning and rare wines to match.

When: Thursday, February 28th at 7pm
Where: Red Spice Road, 27 McKillop street, Melbourne CBD
What: A bespoke menu with matching Ten Minutes by Tractor wines
How Much: $190 per person
Tickets: Purchase your tickets here

Menu (with matching wines)
Starter : Lamb meatball, green nam jim, chilli, Vietnamese mint
Small :Pan fried barramundi, yellow curry puree
Main : Indonesian style crispy chicken, hot onion chutney, tamarind
Dessert : Macadamia crumble, apple compote, marshmallow