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Celebratory Gift Pack

Celebratory Gift Pack

Celebratory Gift Pack

Wrapped in our signature vineyard map wrapping paper, treat someone special with our award winning 10X Pinot Noir accompanied by our botanical hand lotion which incorporates grape components from our Judd, McCutcheon & Wallis vineyards.


Ten Minutes by Tractor Hand Lotion 500mL - $75

In collaboration with RASP, our botanical hand lotion incorporates grape components from our Judd, McCutcheon & Wallis vineyards with hand-harvested Bass Strait Kelp and pure Essential Oils.

Ten Minutes by Tractor is located in several distinct topographical regions of the Mornington Peninsula. We welcome you to experience what makes our region so unique – from the soil types to the unique hinterland microclimates – in the comfort of your own home.

10X Pinot Noir 2019 - $34

Our 10X Pinot Noir at its best. Pinot spice, Juniper berry, clove, vanilla and cassia bark combined with generous dark cherry and blackcurrant fruit and forest floor, all play a part in completing this alluring wine. There is a lot to love here and if the alluring spice notes don’t get you, the layered chewy tannins will!

Available for delivery Australia wide. 

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Vineyards :: Clones
Harvest date :: Yield
Brix :: pH :: TA
Aging :: Oak
Residual sugar
Finished pH :: TA
Alcohol %
Tasting Notes
Food :: Temperature
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