Estate Pinot Noir 2018 Detail

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A much more savoury Estate Pinot this year with soft tannins and yet impressive length and drive.


Wine Profile


Heavier than normal winter rains and cooler temperatures delayed budburst (our second latest) but warmer spring weather resulted in perfect conditions for flowering leading to very good fruit set and promising high yields. In fact, particularly down the hill, crop adjustment was required to ensure even maturity and high quality outcomes. Grapes matured with optimum sugar, flavour and tannin development resulting in high quality parcels from all sites. It was our third earliest harvest, leading to our shortest ever hang time (budburst-harvest 179 days against an average of 203 days).

Vineyards :: Clones

Coolart (70%), Wallis (12%), Spedding (7%), Judd (6%), McCutcheon (5%) :: MV6 (71%), Abel (14%), 115 (9%), G5V15 (3%), 114 (3%)

Harvest date :: Yield

Hand picked 27 February-19 March 2018 :: 5.6 tonnes/ha (2.3 t/acre, ~39hl/ha)

Brix :: pH :: TA

22.1-25.6° (12.3-14.2° Baumé) :: 3.23-3.58 :: 6.9-9.8 g/l


Grapes hand-harvested late February-mid March. Whole bunches varied with different parcels between 0-20% with the destemmed portion all whole berries, and transferred to a mix of 5 tonne concrete and 1 tonne stainless steel tanks. Held cold for a few days to delay start of indigenous yeast ferment and typically spends a total of 25-30 days on skins. Cap management by pump over with some plunging towards the end of the ferment. Following pressing, the wine was transferred to 21% new 228 litre French oak barrels for 11 months. Natural 100% malolactic fermentation before bottling unfined and with minimal filtration.


Sandro Mosele, Imogen Dillon, Martin Spedding

Aging :: Oak

11 months :: 21% new 228 litre French oak barrels (François Frères)



Residual sugar

Dry (0.5 g/l)

Finished pH :: TA

3.62 :: 5.8 g/l


13.5% (8.0 standard drinks/750ml bottle)


2682 dozen :: bottled 11 February 2019 :: screwcap

Release date

May 2020


Using fruit from both ‘down the hill’ and ‘up the hill’ imbues this Pinot with welcome layers of flavour. There’s bright fruit, but it dovetails into something darker, the tannins nicely bitter in a savoury fashion. The detail, the completeness of a Pinot that is perfectly mid-weight and assured in its regional style.

Andrew Graham [May 2020, commissioned by TMBT]

Food :: Temperature

Rabbit and mushroom pie. Serve at 14–17°C.

Best drinking