Martin’s Selection Detail

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Each month we are curating a selection of a dozen wines picked out for you by our knowledgable team.


“Wine is all about who you share it with and in a time where we are being forced to spend more time apart, I reflect on some special bottles that I’ve shared with family and friends over the years.

It’s important to remind ourselves of how wine can bring people together and it’s for this reason that we’ve opened up our cellar to share some of our current release and back vintage wines with you.”

What’s included:

10X Sauvignon Blanc 2018  x 2 btl
This is my Mother Kathleen’s favourite wine to drink. Best enjoyed sitting on the back verandah in the sun – just like she does.

10X Pinot Noir 2018 x 2 btl
10X Pinot was one of the first wines we exported to the UK back in 2005. I remember seeing the first bottle on the shelves of Harrods and feeling very proud.

Estate Chardonnay 2017 x 2 btl
A favourite wine of Karen and mine that we share together regularly. I really love the 2017 vintage, its fine detail and beautiful acidity. This is a wine with great cellaring potential.

‘Up the Hill’ Pinot Noir 2017  x 2 btl
This is the first wine we have made that includes grapes from our High Density ‘Spedding Vineyard’ that Karen and I planted in 2016 with our daughter Addison. It’s a wine that celebrates the differences in style between ‘down the hill’ and ‘up the hill’.

Judd Chardonnay 2013 x 2 btl
This wine was served at my daughter Gabrielle’s wedding and brings back many special memories.

McCutcheon Pinot 2013 x 2 btl
This vineyard was planted by Andrew McCutcheon, a dear friend who we greatly miss. 


  • Ten Minutes by Tractor Tasting mat
  • ‘Tasting wine at home’ instructions
  • Tasting Notes
  • Vineyard Maps

Price: $589 (RRP $660)