10X Pinot Noir 2019 Detail

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A deliciously soft and raspberry laden Pinot Noir featuring sweet spice and bramble undertones.


Wine Profile


Lower than average rainfall and relatively standard temperatures over winter, and cooler temperatures in August and September, led to late budburst (our second latest) and flowering. However, above average temperatures and low rainfall during summer meant an early veraison and harvest. The period between flowering and veraison saw our warmest ever average minimum and second warmest maximums. Veraison to harvest was our fourth warmest maximums and our driest (47mm v 136mm average). Five days of above average temperatures at the beginning of harvest compressed the vintage further. Yields are normal and fruit quality is outstanding.

Vineyards :: Clones

Coolart Road (79%), Spedding (7%), McCutcheon (6%), Judd (5%), Wallis (3%) :: MV6 (39%), 115 (38%), 777 (10%), Abel (4%), Pommard (4%), <2% G5V15, 667, 114, Calera

Harvest date :: Yield

Hand picked 27 February-19 March 2019 :: 6.2 tonnes/ha (2.5 t/acre, ~43hl/ha)

Brix :: pH :: TA

21.9-27.5° (12.2-15.3° Baumé) :: 3.02-3.65 :: 6.9-9.8 g/l


Grapes hand-harvested from late February to mid March. 5% whole bunch with destemmed portion all whole berries, and transferred to 5 tonne concrete tanks. Held cold for a few days to delay start of indigenous yeast ferment which then typically runs for 14-21 days. Cap management by pump over with some plunging towards the end of the ferment. Following pressing, the wine was transferred to 11% new 228 litre French oak barrels for 10 months. Natural 100% malolactic fermentation before bottling unfined and filtered.


Imogen Dillon,  Martin Spedding

Aging :: Oak

10 months :: 11% new 228 litre French oak barrels



Residual sugar

Dry (0.5 g/l)

Finished pH :: TA

3.54 :: 5.6 g/l


13.5% (8.0 standard drinks/750ml bottle)


6175 dozen :: bottled 29 January 2020 :: screwcap

Release date

April 2019


Easily the prettiest 10X Pinot in some years, this entree to the Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot range is a very likeable wine. It’s round and red-fruited through the mid palate, every bit the classic, generous Mornington Pinot, yet with subtle mushroom nuances and a flutter of compact, but real tannins.

Food :: Temperature

Pork chops with apple sauce:: serve at 13–16°C.

Best drinking