Q: Do you sell gift vouchers?

A: We offer gift vouchers which can be purchased through our website here. Vouchers are available incrementally between $30 and $1000, valid for 12 months and can be utilised at both Ten Minutes by Tractor Restaurant or in our cellar door. Gift vouchers are available as an electronic gift card (PDF) which can be emailed directly to yourself or to the recipient immediately- or as a gift card which will be sent to the purchaser or recipient via Australia Post.

Q: Can I use my gift voucher to buy wine?

A: Yes, you can use your gift voucher online via our Online Store to purchase wine or when visiting our cellar door. To redeem your voucher in our online store please enter the 16 digit voucher code into the voucher field at checkout. To redeem your voucher at our Cellar Door or Restaurant, simply present your voucher to the staff upon payment.

Q: What is the expiry date of my gift voucher?

A: Vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Q: I have an expired gift voucher, can I arrange an extension?

A: Reservations in our fine dining restaurant can fill up quite far in advance. We recommend allowing 6-8 weeks prior to the expiry date of your voucher to make a reservation in our fine dining restaurant. Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years and can be extended by a maximum of 1 month after the expiry date by request. However, please be aware we cannot guarantee a reservation within this time. In this case you may choose to redeem your voucher at Petit Tracteur or to purchase wine. Should you require a gift voucher extension please email

Q: Do you have accommodation?

A: We do not have accommodation onsite however there is a number of excellent options in the area. Please visit our page ‘Things to do’ to see our recommendations.

Q: Is there public transport to your restaurant?

A: No, we are a regional restaurant with limited public transportation. Please visit our page ‘Things to do’ to see transport recommendations in the area.

Q: Why do you take credit cards to secure bookings?

A: We are a small restaurant with very limited passing trade and therefore depend to a very high degree on our reservations. Failure to honour reservations has a significant impact on us as a business and therefore we take credit card details to secure reservations and ask that you confirm, cancel or change within appropriate time and please respect this.

Q: I have a gift voucher, can I use this to secure my booking?

A: Credit card details are required to secure reservations. Unfortunately, we cannot secure bookings with gift vouchers although you may certainly pay with a gift voucher when you dine.

Q: I’ve secured my booking with a credit card. Will you charge my card?

A: Credit card details are required to secure reservations and will only be charged i) in the case of late cancellation (within 48 hours of the booking date) or ii) guests not arriving on the day. The information we require is the name on your card, the long card number, expiry date and the CVV code.

Q: Where is my credit card information saved?

A: We use a third party, secure, eWay payment system

Q: Are you open Christmas Day?

A: We are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday each year. Please see the ‘Visit us’ page for more information.

Q: Do you turn over tables? How long is my sitting for?

A: At our fine dining restaurant we allow our guests to enjoy their meal at a leisurely pace, therefore we do not turn over tables and your table is yours for the duration of lunch or dinner.

Q: Do you hold weddings at your restaurant?

A: We are delighted to host weddings. Please note we can accommodate a maximum of 70 guests for seated weddings at Ten Minutes by Tractor. Please email for more information.

Q: Can we BYO wine?

A: We are fully licensed and usually do not allow BYO. However, should you have a special bottle you would like to bring please submit your request, prior to your reservation, to

Q: I’m coming to celebrate my anniversary/birthday/engagement what special thing can you do for me?

A: Flowers can be arranged through our local florist, or, provided we have advanced notice of a minimum of 5 working days we are able to arrange celebratory cakes. For any special requests regarding your reservation at Ten Minutes by Tractor please email

Q: Can we bring our own cake?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot allow food prepared outside of our control to be brought into either restaurant. Therefore, we do not allow cakes to be provided by guests. With adequate notice we can arrange to prepare a celebration cake for your special event. For cake requests at Ten Minutes by Tractor please email

Q: Do you accommodate dietary requirements and allergies?

A: We do cater to a broad range of dietary requirements, provided advance notice is given. For severe and anaphylactic allergies, please detail these at the time of making your reservation. In the case of certain allergies, some dishes may have to be omitted. Though we have the utmost respect for our food and our diners, there is always a slight risk of cross contamination. If you have any concerns or questions, please email prior to your reservation.

Q: Do you charge a surcharge on Sundays or Public holidays?

A: We charge a 10% surcharge on Sundays and Victorian public holidays. Please see the ‘Visit us’ page for further information on Public Holiday opening hours.

Q: What is wine matching? Do I need to arrange this in advance?

A: Wine matching is crafted by our sommeliers with the same care as the menu – though it is not necessary or required, we feel that it enhances the overall experience of the meal. We also offer an extensive wine list and a range of beer, sake and spirits. You may choose to pre-arrange beverages or wine matching or simply decide when you dine.

Q: How far in advance do you take bookings?

A: Bookings can be taken up to 12 months in advance, we will re-confirm bookings 48 hours prior to the booking date. Bookings are confirmed via automated text message and email.

Q: I’m hoping to book for a party larger than four. Do you allow parties larger than four?

A:  The largest party we allow and can accommodate at one time is 8 guests. Bookings larger than 8 guests may require exclusive use of the restaurant. If you’re interested in reserving the restaurant for a private party, please email

Q: Do you take walk-ins?

A: Bookings for Ten Minutes by Tractor are often filled two months in advance, particularly on weekends. We do accept walk-ins however please be aware the availability for such is very limited. Walk-ins can be accommodated much more easily at Petit Tracteur Bistro.

Q: How long will my meal take?

A: Dependant on the size of the party, and the menu they choose to partake in, our dining experience is approximately 2½ – 3½ hours. For example, two guests may enjoy a three course or five course menu in 2½ hours however, for four guests we would expect the meal to last at least 3 hours. We recommend allowing 4 hours to enjoy the eight course degustation menu at a leisurely pace. If you do have time restrictions please email to ensure these can be accommodated.

Q: What is the dress code at Ten Minutes by Tractor?

A: The suggested attire for the restaurant is smart casual. The formal dining room at Ten Minutes by Tractor gives you the opportunity to dress up should you so wish. Please note we do not allow beach attire.

Q: What should I do if I’m running late?

A: We understand travel times and traffic can be difficult to predict. You may certainly call us to advise if you are running late however please be aware we are often unable to respond to calls during service hours. We do however allow a 20 minute window for lateness although running late may impact on your experience if your arrival coincides with another sitting.

Q: Are you handicap accessible? To wheelchairs too?

A: Yes, please use the ramp to the left of the main entrance. Handicap parking is marked in the car park and handicap amenities are provided inside of the restaurant.

Q: Is there parking nearby?

A: Yes we have sufficient free parking onsite.

Q: Are you pet friendly?

A: Pets are allowed onsite in the garden areas however not within the main building.

Q: Is there outdoor dining?

A: No, we have a terrace area for drinks only. Dining is not allowable within this space.

Q: Is Ten Minutes by Tractor child-friendly?  

A: Although we welcome families with little ones we would strongly encourage parents to consider whether they feel this is the appropriate experience for their child. Due to the seating restrictions at Ten Minutes by Tractor we would discourage parents from bringing any child that is too small or young to sit in their own seat. We would also ask that diners take into account their own experience as well as the guests around them when considering bringing a child.

Q: Do you have a Children’s Menu? 

A: At Ten Minutes by Tractor we offer a five or eight course Dégustation Menu. Our chefs will aim to adapt the menu to your child’s tastes.

Q: Do I need to book for wine tasting?

A: Small groups of 5 or less do not require a reservation.

Q: Do you charge a tasting fee?

A: To taste our current range of 10X and Estate wines we charge a small tasting fee which is waived on each individuals purchase. Wine Club members do not have to pay a tasting fee.

Q: Do you take large groups?

A: Larger groups, greater than 6 guests can be accommodated and do require a reservation for wine tasting. We also offer a wine masterclass with either our winemaker or sommelier in our conference studio. The wine masterclass is a structured, tutored tasting that generally takes up to an hour and costs $75 per person. Reservations are essential for the masterclass and are of course subject to the availability of our winemaker or sommelier. Please note reservations may not be able over vintage (January-May) each year and full pre-payment of tasting fees for the masterclass is required prior to the day. For more information please contact

Q: Are your wines vegan friendly?

A: Although it will vary vintage to vintage most of our wines are unfined and unfiltered and therefore vegan friendly. Some of our wines receive light filtration for which we often use bentonite (which is a clay) rather than animal products.

Q: Do you offer tractor rides?

A: Whilst our name might suggest otherwise, we do not offer tractor tours of the vineyards. The founding families first choose three unique sites for vineyards, from which we focus on making wine that is specific to place and to the individual blocks on each vineyard, each of these sites is Ten Minutes by Tractor from one another which is why we took the name Ten Minutes by Tractor. We offer the opportunity to taste our wines in our Cellar Door at the Ten Minutes by Tractor site.

Q: Can you send wines internationally?

A: Yes, we use a company called ‘Get Freighted’ for all of our international postage and have found them to be incredibly reliable. The cost varies by country and there may be additional costs for insurance/ or you may be liable for duties and taxes when the wines arrive in your country. Please send your enquiry to

Q: Where can I find your wines retail?

A: Our wines are available in some retails stores, please visit our ‘Contact’ page to find one in your location.

Q: I ordered wine online, how long will it take to arrive to me?

A: Dependant on your location wine will take an average of 5-10 working days to arrive to you. We use Australia Post wine postage services and will send you tracking information provided you have given permission via email to do so. Should you require the wine urgently please contact our Cellar Door to arrange express post or courier services.

Q: Do you offer a dozen discount?

A: Yes, we offer a 10% discount on our 10X and Estate wines when you purchase a dozen wines or more. Wine Club members receive further discounts on our wine.

Q: How do I sign up for the Wine Club?

A: You can join the Tractor Club by simply visiting our Wine Club Page  and entering your details into the web form.

Q: How do I join the Collectors Club?

A: The Collectors Club allows a small number of our loyal customers guaranteed access to our Single Vineyard and special release wines plus access to exclusive member-only events, preferred pricing and experiences. To join the waiting list for the Collectors Club please visit the Wine Club page or  contact

Q: Where does Ten Minutes by Tractor ship to?

Ten Minutes by Tractor ships wine anywhere in Australia. While you are welcome to live overseas and join the Wine Club, at this time we do not offer international shipping through the membership.

Q: I forgot which wines I ordered, how can I find out?

A: You can find out very easily by using clicking ‘Login’ in the top right corner of the website. Here you will need to enter your email address and password. Then click on ‘Manage Subscription’ and it will show your order history and current subscription details.

Q: Can I switch membership types?

A: You can simply change your membership through your user panel under ‘Manage Subscription’ then by clicking ‘Manage Wine Club’. Collectors Club members are welcome to change their subscription to the Tractor Club. If you are a Tractor Club member, you may be placed on a waiting list due to the limited numbers available in our Collectors Club. Should you wish to speak to someone about changing your membership, please contact:

Q: I will be away for my next shipment, what can I do?

A: If you are away during the next shipment, you can re-route your shipment in advance to a different address.  Simply log in and edit shipping details (don’t forget to change these back upon your return!). Alternatively, you can also contact our Cellar Door team to inquire about delaying your shipment a week or two

Q: Can I change the address my wine is shipped to?

A: If you have moved or would like to permanently change your shipping address you can do this by logging in to your account and editing your shipping address. If it is within 2 weeks of your next order, please contact the office immediately so they can attempt to arrange a change of delivery.

Q: How regularly can I purchase wines through my Wine Club membership?

A: You can purchase a maximum of 6 dozen wines through your Wine Club membership discount (after this you will receive the standard 10% discount on every dozen purchased). All we require is a minimum of six bottles per delivery.

Automatic deliveries can be arranged through your Wine Club subscriptions annually, biannually and quarterly. You are also able to purchase wines through the Shop any time in addition to your Wine Club subscription.

Q: How long does my membership last?

A: You will remain a Wine Club member until you choose to cancel, or until you no longer meet the necessary minimum purchase to retain your membership. If you wish to cancel or suspend your subscription you are welcome to log into your account and make the changes yourself or contact our team at

Q: When will my credit card be charged?

A: Your credit card will be charged at the time your initial subscription to the Wine Club is made.  Subsequent orders throughout the year will be charged just prior to the time of shipping.  At your annual renewal date we will notify you by email advising that we intend to charge your credit card with your annual selection allocation.

Q: Can I track my shipment?

A: We will send you the Australia Post tracking details to your nominated email address.

Q: Can the courier leave my wine on front doorstep?

A: All wine shipments need to be signed for, therefore in the case that you are not at home when your delivery arrives, your wine will be delivered to your local post office and a card left for you to collect.