It is our aspiration as wine producers to best portray our unique vineyards that governs our wine making philosophy. This alone demands that we follow a more non-interventionist, traditional approach to our winemaking, by allowing our indigenous yeasts to do our fermentations and using traditional Burgundian methods to enhance the expression of our terroir or character of the ‘place’ from which the wine is derived.

These techniques assist us in producing the wines of great elegance, complexity and length for which is region is renowned.

The proximity of our three Main Ridge vineyards forms the core of our ideology, with common regional elements found across all three sites. Yet it is the discovery and portrayal of individual attributes - which are ultimately unique to each vineyard - that represents our single vineyard focus.

We vinify each of our individual clonal blocks of each variety separately, to better understand their influence and response to site, as well as seasonal variations. In no way do we wish to manipulate our wines to express anything but their origin. Ultimately we strive for a better understanding of the attributes that our vineyards express, and it is the presence of these characteristics in our wines that we truly believe makes our wines unique.

Our French oak barrels are sourced from the best oak and coopers in France, because the oak, the forest it comes from, the type of grain, the toasting regime and most importantly the cooper have a major impact on the characters imparted to the wines from the barrels.

Every year we seek out the best combination of barrels to provide the structure, integration and flavours which best support the high quality and character of our fruit.

All our wines are bottled under screwcap to prevent cork taint, random oxidation and to preserve the pristine characters of our wines. This ensures greater longevity of wines and avoids spoilage.

Ten Minutes by Tractor owner Martin Spedding, Richard McIntyre and assistant winemaker Jeremy Magyar create all our wines. In December and January, they make the major decisions for the selection of our Ten Minutes by Tractor Single Vineyard wines, and the selection and blending of Ten Minutes by Tractor Estate and 10X wines.


Pinot Noir

It is widely believed that Pinot Noir lends itself more than any other grape variety to the influence and expression of site. Ultimately this dictates the methodology behind our winemaking. It is a respect for the vineyard and for the grape itself that governs our use of winemaking techniques. Wild yeast fermentation, hand plunging and the absence of filtration all allow the expression of the variety and its interaction with its vineyard site to be vividly expressed without inhibition.

Pinot Noir in detail


The elevation of our Main Ridge vineyard sites plays a significant role in producing Chardonnays of great focus and depth. Wild yeast fermentation, whole bunch pressing and batonnage all contribute to the development of great complexity, textures and flavours within our wines.

Chardonnay in detail

Pinot Gris

Much of what we do in the winery is employed to allow the attributes of our Pinot Gris to be displayed uninhibited. The use of old oak, batonnage and whole bunch pressing is carried out to enhance textures and flavours reminiscent of an Alsatian styled, yet distinctly Mornington Peninsula Pinot Gris.

Pinot Gris in detail

Sauvignon Blanc

The influence of barrel fermentation in old French oak barriques plays a significant role in the development of textures and mouth-feel within our Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauvignon Blanc in detail


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