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2016 Vintage

A vintage of records...

So, a very dry, warm year with down-the-hill all picked before the end of February and up-the-hill picked by the first week of March - both unprecedented. Quality looks excellent.

Main Ridge Pinot Noir dates...

Budburst - 5 Sep [avg 6 Sep]
Flowering – 11 Nov [avg 20 Nov]
Veraison - 17 Jan [avg 2 Feb]
Harvest – 6 Mar [avg 28 Mar]
Budburst-harvest - 183 days [avg 204 days]






DORMANT INTERVAL [May-Aug]: Slightly longer than average; coolest average maximum temperature (14.2ºC v 14.9ºC avg).
BUDBURST INTERVAL [Sep-Nov]: Slightly shorter than average; second driest budburst interval; warmest average maximum temperature (20.3ºC v 18.8ºC avg).
FLORAISON INTERVAL [Dec-Jan]: Slightly shorter than average; warmest average maximum temperature (25.8ºC v 23.7ºC avg).
VERAISON INTERVAL [Feb-Apr]: Slightly shorter than average; driest ever veraison interval (80mm v 142mm avg). 

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