2010 Wines


Single Vineyard Wines

2010 Judd Pinot Noir
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2010 McCutcheon Pinot Noir
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2010 Wallis Pinot Noir
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2010 McCutcheon Chardonnay
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2010 Wallis Chardonnay
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Estate Wines

2010 Estate Pinot Noir
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2010 Estate Chardonnay
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10X Wines

2010 10X Pinot Noir
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2010 10X Chardonnay
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2010 10X Pinot Gris
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2010 10X Sauvignon Blanc
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2010 Vintage

2010 was a kind vintage beginning with good winter and spring rainfall, warm temperatures through August and September saw good budburst. Although October was marginally cooler than usual, November and December warmed up providing perfect conditions for the “Grand Growth” phase (a rapid growth phase which begins when the plant switches from vegetative to reproductive mode) and also for flowering and fruit set. February and March were warmer than average and the ripening period rolled along without any great concern, resulting in an early vintage with very high quality fruit.

Main Ridge Pinot Noir dates...
Budburst - 7 Sep [avg 7 Sep]
Flowering – 14 Nov [avg 21 Nov]
Veraison - 27 Jan [avg 3 Feb]
Harvest – 20 Mar [avg 31 Mar]
Budburst-harvest - 195 days [avg 207]








DORMANT INTERVAL [May-Aug]: Temperatures above average; rainfall below average. Good budburst, even and consistent growth.
BUDBURST INTERVAL [Sep-Nov]: Temperatures above average including our warmest ever November; rainfall above average with the 3rd wettest November (40mm on 22nd). Excellent flowering period.
FLORAISON INTERVAL [Dec-Jan]: Temperatures just above average; rainfall well below average. Moderate disease pressure, good healthy canopies.
VERAISON INTERVAL [Feb-Apr]: Temperatures well above average; rainfall above average. Warm autumn although perfect harvest conditions and fruit picked at optimal flavours.

Budburst date average, flowering and veraison a week earlier than average and harvest 12 days earlier than average, our 4th earliest vintage. Hang time 2 weeks shorter than average, our 4th shortest.

Langton’s rate it 9 for Chardonnay, 10 for Pinot Noir/Halliday 9 for Chardonnay, 10 for Pinot Noir.


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