2004 Wines


Single Vineyard Wines

2004 McCutcheon Chardonnay
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2004 Wallis Chardonnay
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Estate/Reserve Wines

2004 Ten Minutes By Tractor Pinot Noir
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10X Wines

2004 10X Pinot Noir
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2004 10X Chardonnay
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2004 10X Pinot Gris
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2004 10X Rosé
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2004 10X Sauvignon Blanc
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2004 Tempranillo
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2004 X Pinot Noir


2004 Vintage

Main Ridge Pinot Noir...
Budburst - 14 Sep
Flowering – 3 Dec
Veraison - 14 Feb
Harvest – 12 Apr
Budburst-harvest - 211 days







DORMANT INTERVAL [May-Aug]: Temperatures average; rainfall just above average. Even budburst.
BUDBURST INTERVAL [Sep-Nov]: Temperatures below average, particularly September and October, our coolest budburst interval; rainfall average. Our latest flowering (the only time flowering has occured in December).
FLORAISON INTERVAL [Dec-Jan]: Temperatures just below average but distorted by an above average December, one of our hottest, and below average January, our coolest; rainfall very low, 26% below average. Good fruit set.
VERAISON INTERVAL [Feb-Apr]: Temperatures well below average, our coolest veraison interval; rainfall just below average. Cool but dry led to late ripening but low disease pressure. Great flavour development with generous flavours throughout, excellent vintage.

Budburst 2nd latest after 2011, latest flowering (almost 2 weeks later than average), veraison a week later than average, harvest very late, 10 days later than average. Hang time 3 days longer than average.

Wines are regarded as excellent. Langton’s rate it 9/Halliday 10.


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