"Everyone experiences wine in their own fashion, and the to try and convey
that experience in a way that makes it, to the greatest degree possible, understandable and
hopefully even somewhat vivid to someone else."     
Julian Coldrey, Full Pour


Introduction to Ten Minutes By Tractor


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March 2017
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Previous Journals

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Wine Releases 2014 & 2015 Vintages

June 2015
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Newsletter 14 - December 2010 
Vintage 2011 - The first half
Father And Child - Genetics, hereditary, DNA, genes, clones, mutation...not necessarily words that leap to front of mind when drinking wine and yet to us, and particularly in respect to Pinot Noir, this subject is of much interest.

Newsletter 13 - June 2010 
Vintage 2010 - Summary
Dégustation - “The menu de dégustation is the finest expression of avant-garde cooking.” Ferran Adria, El Bulli
There’s Something [Different] About Main Ridge...or...The Distinctiveness Of Single Vineyards - Our single vineyard wines are true single vineyard wines - they are made from grapes grown on single, discrete blocks...

Newsletter 12 - December 2009 
Vintage 2010 - The first half
Wine Serving Temperature - “It is impossible to over-estimate the effect of serving temperatures on how a wine will taste.” Jancis Robinson

Newsletter 11 - September 2009 
Vintage 2010 - The beginning
Screw Caps - asked to place your faith in a single object charged with the task of protecting your season’s work for the period ahead, can be testing.

Newsletter 10 - June 2009 
Vintage 2009 - Summary
From Terroir To Topophilia - At Ten Minutes By Tractor we are all topophiles. Topophilia is literally “love of place”.

Newsletter 9 - November 2008 
Vintage 2009 - The first half
Wine & Oak - We take a closer look at the impact oak has on wine aromas.

Newsletter 8 - June 2008 
Vintage 2008 - Summary
Wine & Oak - The use of oak in wine is one of the most controversial, one of the most debated and one of the most misunderstood factors in its effect on what is in the bottle.

Newsletter 7 - December 2007 
Vintage 2008 - The first half
Head Chef - We are very pleased to announce that Stuart Bell has taken on the role of Head Chef at our restaurant.
Hang Time - Hang time is an interesting concept which has gained a lot of press in recent years...

Newsletter 6 - June 2007 
Vintage 2007 - Summary
Our New Home - We moved from our old site on the McCutcheon vineyard in Roberts Road.
What do the numbers mean? Or when are the grapes ripe and when should we pick?

Newsletter 5 - June 2006 
Vintage 2006 - Summary
Yield - Yield is often quoted by winemakers as an indicator of quality but what lies behind the numbers?

Newsletter 4 - December 2005 
Vintage 2006 - The first half
Terroir...Again - integral to who we are and what we are trying to do.
Who Are You? - The most comprehensive research into the Australian wine consumer...

Newsletter 3 - June 2005 
Vintage 2005 - Summary
Wine & Food Matching - Much has been written on the subject of wine and food matching...

Newsletter 2 - March 2005 
The Pinot Celebration and our Pinot Noir style
Vineyards, terroir and vintage 2005

Newsletter 1 - December 2004 
Vintage 2004 - Summary
The tractor changes drivers
Introducing our vineyards


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