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This property was purchased in 2004, soon after Martin Spedding bought Ten Minutes By Tractor, to provide a home for a new cellar door. The vineyard was planted in October 2004 and the first crop was harvested in 2008. The property also had a restaurant licence and our new cellar door, moved from the McCutcheon Vineyard, and restaurant opened here in December 2006.

See here for the history of Ten Minutes By Tractor.



Variety Pinot Gris Total
Clone D1V7  
Planted 2004  
Area (ha) 0.83 0.83

The Manton Creek valley starts just north of the vineyard near the junction of Mornington-Flinders and Tucks Roads. Manton Creek is joined by Cotton Tree Creek just before it flows into Westernport Bay midway between Shoreham and Flinders (Cotton Tree Creek begins near the Wallis Vineyard).

Slope & Elevation

Winebar has a high point of 197m not quite as high as Judd (206m) or McCutcheon (200m) nor as low as Wallis (142m) or Coolart Road (72m). With a slope of 6° it is as steep as Judd (6°) and steeper than both McCutcheon (5°), Wallis (4°) and Coolart Road (1°).

In total an average 7m vertical fall over a horizontal distance of 61m.

Slope Orientation

Like McCutcheon the slope here is due east. The easterly fall of this vineyard offers perfect gentle warming of the soil from sunrise through to the late afternoon. During the day the vines receive very good light without the intense heat which keeps the fruit cooler during the growing and ripening season.

Row Orientation

All the vine rows run across the slope, orientated north north west to south south east. This was largely dictated by the shape of the property and achieves the longest and most efficient row length.

Water drains roughly to the east with land contours towards Manton Creek.


The soils here are the red ferrosols common to the Main Ridge sub-region.

The top soil, classed as a silty clay loam, runs to a depth of about 20-30cm over these red ferrosols. It suffers little from compaction and is generally well aerated, with excellent drainage and no water logging.

These are very broad soil classifications and we are continuing to investigate the more specific details in each vineyard, in fact, each block.


Winebar Block

Variety Pinot Gris
Clone D1V7
Planted 2004
Bearing Yes
Area (ha) 0.83
Elevation (m) 133-140
Slope 1:8 / ~7°
Slope orientation East
Row orientation North north west
Rootstock Own
Trellis Scott-Henry
Row/vine spacing (m) 2.75 x 1.5
Vine density (/ha) 2,424



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