“Wines...allow us to eavesdrop on the murmurings of the earth.”
Making Sense of Wine, Matt Kramer

Our unrelenting efforts to grow the best fruit possible in all our vineyards is the cornerstone of our wines. In our ultra premium blocks we target very low yields of around 3 tonne/ha (1.2 tonne/acre) for Pinot Noir and about 7 tonne/ha (2.8 tonnes/acre) for Chardonnay.

The meticulous care given to our vines includes shoot thinning, shoot positioning, leaf plucking, hedging and cluster or bunch thinning, all done by hand. Although the tractor is an essential workhorse in the vineyards, nearly 95% of work is done by hand. Close observation and management of each individual vine and its fruit is essential to vine health and to achieving fruit which has the flavour, complexity and balance we aspire to.

Ten Minutes By Tractor currently has a total of 34.41 ha of vineyards including...

Variety Home
Pinot Noir 5.94 ha 16.13 ha 24.30 ha (+2.23 ha non-bearing)
Chardonnay 6.33 ha 0.41 ha 6.74 ha  
Sauvignon Blanc 1.12 ha 0.27 ha 1.39 ha  
Pinot Gris 1.22 ha 0.51 ha 1.73 ha  
Tempranillo 0.25 ha 0.0 ha 0.25 ha  
Total     34.41 ha  


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For a bird's eye view of the Mornington Peninsula and of our vineyards take our tour.


The Vineyard Year In Images

These images were taken in one of our Main Ridge vineyards during Vintage 2006 on the following dates...

Photogallery rendered here.

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'Home' Vineyards

Our ‘home’ vineyards are the three original vineyards which formed, literally and figuratively, Ten Minutes By Tractor. They are all in Main Ridge, they were all planted in the early 1990s, they are all on the same soil and they all share the same meso-climate. And yet they produce startlingly individual wines.

 Judd Vineyard

Our oldest, steepest and highest vineyard thrives with its nightly view of sunset. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are nestled in the indigenous hinterland and gardens, giving crisp acid and lengthy varietal flavours. This is also home to our Sauvignon Blanc and the olive grove from which our Tractor Oil is produced.

McCutcheon Vineyard

Our highest parcels of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay revel in the morning sun on the gentle easterly slopes. Good vigour and canopy shoot position allow fruit to ripen slowly and evenly here. Also home to a tiny parcel of Tempranillo.

Wallis Vineyard

Gentle north - north east facing slope. Our lowest vineyard nestled in the Cotton Tree Creek valley has long days in the full sun, resulting in early ripening fruit that matures with full flavours. Also home to our Pinot Gris and a tiny (0.2ha) parcel of Tempranillo.


'Other' Vineyards

Our 'other' vineyards are simply those added since the original three Main Ridge vineyards. Spedding Vineyard is in Main Ridge and Coolart Road is in the northern Peninsula; all are under our complete control and are managed by our viticultural team.

Winebar Vineyard

Planted October 2004 with 0.83ha of Pinot Gris, with the first vintage in 2008. It has been grown organically since we bought the property and became the region’s first organically certified vineyard in 2007. We use it as a test bed for techniques to migrate to our other vineyards.

The Winebar Vineyard is also home to our Cellar Door and Restaurant.

Coolart Road

Our Coolart Road Vineyard was first planted in 2000 with several Pinot Noir clones (777, G5V15, Pommard, MV6 and 115) and small amounts of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling which are now being grafted over to Pinot Noir. The vineyard covers an area of 15.60 ha and ranges in altitude from 72m to 58m, so a gentle slope of ~2° facing north-east. Row orientation is north-south.

Spedding Vineyard

Ten Minutes by Tractor is now home to Mornington Peninsula’s first high-density organic Pinot Noir vineyard and has also submitted its plans to now build its own purpose built winery and cellar door on the same site.

Planting began on 5 December 2016 on the new Main Ridge site, just a stone’s throw from our current cellar door and restaurant. We have already planted over 18,000 vines covering just 1.5 ha.


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