2012 10X Sauvignon Blanc

Ten Minutes by Tractor has incrementally become one of Australia’s leading producers. This is a sauvignon blanc to go out and experience. It’s so textural, so juicy, so well shaped. It’s a dry, structural white wine first and a sauvignon blanc second. Nectarine, smoke, woody spice and dry summer grasses. It opens up in the glass well too; it’s not a one-trick pony. Drink 2013-2015.
92, Campbell Mattinson, Winefront, November 2013

Barrel time has helped build complexity into the variety, but it's not the main event preferring to showcase layers of tropical fruit flavours and citrus freshness into the wine. Thirst-slaking as it is, it's a much more interesting wine and should cellar a spell too.
93, Mike Bennie, Wine Business Magazine, November 2013

Near full-bodied, maintaining shape via ensconced acidity and phenolics which are grippy yet nuanced. Citrus holds court over grass with a hint of passionfruit in the mix. A whisp of smoky oak and some gravel. Nettles and herbs are present on the palate but they sit lower in the overall mix. There’s a harmony about all these elements which makes the wine all the more appealing. High marks for execution.
91, Jeremy Pringle, Wine Will Eat Itself, November 2013